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Sports Team Management

At Wrights Academy we have successfully managed and organised mixed gender sports teams for over 10 years in borough sports competitions.


We have a superb record of achieving positive results in many different sports competitions such as;

  • Cricket

  • Table Tennis

  • Netball

  • Basketball

  • Football

(A full list of honours available upon request)

Wright's Academy coaches will invest their knowledge and skills during every session by implementing our core methods and values within the selected children.


Children / young people will gain many important skills that go beyond the sporting realm during sessions such as self discipline, respect for others win, lose or draw, dealing with barriers during activity, having a sense of fulfilment and gratification in representing their school.


Sports teams have played a monumental role in transforming many disadvantaged / disaffected young people we work with by awarding them the privilege to represent their school in borough competitions. We keep in regular dialogue with schools, class teachers and the child / young person to review how they have managed and with some, reached targets set.


We will bring great value to your school sports team delivering Excellence and raising sporting standards throughout.

Wrights Academy Sports Team Management
Wrights Academy Sports Team Managemet
Wrights Academy Sports Team Management
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