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Advanced Course

Buy with confidence:

- £395

- Secure with a deposit

- Flexible scheduling

- 10 lessons

- Structured learning by industry pros

- All lessons taught 1-to-1

- Based in East Croydon

- Easy parking / great transport links

Advanced Course


Fine tune your DJ skills and mix like a pro. You will be challenged to mix without any visual aids, listening and mixing by ear, which is the true art of djing. You will complete a final equipment set up and mix task assessed by your tutor. You are now ready to DJ at your first events or parties. 

One To One Tuition

All our lessons are taught one on one.  You will never be put into a group.

Learn From Professionals

All our tutors come with a wealth of international DJ experience.  They are all current DJs up to date on the latest music.

Highly Recommended

Our students recommend us so highly that their friends want to learn DJing with us too. For us this says a lot.  Testimonials at the bottom of the page.

Flexible Scheduling

Lessons are booked by you as and when you can attend. We have slots available Monday to Saturday.  All equipment is provided. 

Flexible Payments

Payment for the course can be paid in up to three installments. A deposit is required to secure your first lesson.

What Will I Learn?

  • Beat matching without BPM

  • Mix using Six, Pitch, Loop and roll skills

  • Mix Prep

  • Troubleshooting


All we need from you is your enthusiasm to learn.

Equipment & Software

You will be learning on industry standard DJ equipment

Lesson Plan


Beat matching without BPM

You will now focus on how to effectively use the pitch tempo to get your beats matching (instrumentals) without the BPM or waveforms being displayed.


No Looking

Challenge yourself by mixing with no support from a laptop or visual aids enabling you to solely focus on using your ears to complete smooth transitions. 


Mix using Sfx, Pitch, loop and roll skills

Can you mix using all Sound Effects, Loops and rolls without any visuals aids


Mix Prep

In this session, you will plan out a playlist of your chosen genres that will beat match (Same Bpm range) with smooth mix transitions throughout. All skills and tricks from the beginners and intermediate  course should be implemented Into your final mix.


Troubleshooting / 30 minute Live Recorded Mix

(Test) You will be given some common issues that may arise during a dj set that you will need to solve, in order to start, continue or finish a set.


The final test, you will be given a list of tasks you will need to include within your chosen mix genre assisted by your tutor. You will have 30 minutes to complete a mix that includes great imagination and creativity, incorporating skills gained from the beginners and intermediate course. Final course report on your strengths and areas to focus on. Any feedback and questions you may have can be discussed at this time. You will receive your mix via email the same day. 

Wrights Academy DJ Agency

Congratulations you have successfully joined the Wrights Academy DJ Agency where you can apply to DJ Jobs we publish amongst our ever growing list of talented DJs.

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