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Beginners Course

Buy with confidence:

- £395

- Secure with a deposit

- Flexible scheduling

- 10 lessons

- Structured learning by industry pros

- All lessons taught 1-to-1

- Based in East Croydon

- Easy parking / great transport links

Beginners Course


Our beginners course is ideal for anyone who's never tried their hand at DJing or for those who want to get a handle on the basics.

One To One Tuition

All our lessons are taught one on one.  You will never be put into a group.

Learn From Professionals

All our tutors come with a wealth of international DJ experience.  They are all current DJs up to date on the latest music.

Highly Recommended

Our students recommend us so highly that their friends want to learn DJing with us too. For us this says a lot.  Testimonials at the bottom of the page.

Flexible Scheduling

Lessons are booked by you as and when you can attend. We have slots available Monday to Saturday.  All equipment is provided. 

Flexible Payments

Payment for the course can be paid in up to three installments. A deposit is required to secure your first lesson.

What Will I Learn?

  • Introduction to music equipment and functions

  • Song Structures

  • Beat matching

  • Structuring a Playlist / Mix

  • Mixing using EQ’s

  • Loops and Delays FX

  • Sound FX and Jingles / Drops

  • Mix Prep


All we need from you is your enthusiasm to learn.

Equipment & Software

You will be learning on industry standard DJ equipment

Lesson Plan


Let's Go

Introduction to music equipment set up and functions. Learn how to loads tracks and use dj mixer efficiently.


Song Structures

Learning Song structures in several different Genres of music. Understanding beat counting, bars, tempos and rhythms.


Beat matching

Mixing using cue points, a real focus on how each song is produced in order to know when to start and finish a mix at the correct beat.


Structuring a Playlist / Mix

Clients are shown how to construct a playlist on (Serato DJ) Learning how to effectively organise playlists enabling a smooth transition when selecting new songs.


Let’s Mix

A real focus on the songs in your selected playlist. Learning different ways to create smooth transitions from one song to another.


Mixing using EQ’s

Once clients understand each song structure, the use of EQ’s during a mix is introduced to give each mix that extra weight.


Loops and Delays FX

Clients will learn how to effectively use the loop and delays functions to extend and finish a mix transition.


Sound FX and Jingles / Drops

The use of sound effects and personalised drops are used best during certain parts of a mix which can give a real sense of professionalism to your set.


Mix Prep

Organising your playlist on Serato, what songs work and what song need to be deleted out.


Final Mix and Course Evaluation.

You will learn how to set the correct recording levels and start your mix, assisted by your course tutor. You will receive analysis from you tutor on areas you excel in as well as areas of improvement. You will receive your mix via email the same day. Well done you have completed the Beginners DJ Course with Wrights Academy.

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