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School DJ Programme


Wrights Academy provide innovative, engaging and exciting programmes through music and sport. We pride ourselves at being highly adept at bringing the best out of disadvantaged and disaffected students. We will raise the attainment of these pupils and close the gaps between them and their peers.

We have developed an inspiring way for students to learn curriculum based music in mainstream education, from beginner to gifted and talented. We call this our Wrights Academy DJ Programme and it will see your students go live on radio! 

For this exciting DJ Programme we have limited availability of only five places


These are on a first come, first serve basis. 

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During our time with the students they will:


  • Build their music knowledge, such as different genres and song structures.

  • Explore different music patterns, grooves and rhythms. 

  • Learn about the equipment and how to set it up.

  • Learn what is a radio station, how to set one up and give their own show an identity.

  • Start creating their own mixes, writing their own songs and writing news reports to share on their show.

  • Understand how to put all that they’ve learnt together (Arrangement).

  • They will end the year with a live broadcast produced by the students. 

  • Be empowered, have greater communication skills and creative ideologies. 

  • Build confidence and self esteem. 

The Wrights Academy DJ Programme is able to incorporate additional curriculum topics throughout the academic year which can include subjects such as Maths and English.   We pride ourselves on providing reliable, empowering, motivating projects, our programme can be tailored to meet the required needs of your school. 


How does it work?

The programme is planned over a full academic year. We will attend one full day a week, during that time he will work with classes, teaching them the content of our DJ Programme. Our schemes of work will engage, inspire, build self confidence and give children a sense of achievement. Children will learn key curriculum topics such as, increasing knowledge of the inter-related dimensions of music in an easy and empowering environment.

To book a place on our DJ programme please email

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