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Corine, Group DJ Sessions with 6 children

Wrights Academy came to my home and delivered a group DJ tutoring session to six children in my family.
I must say the session was exceptional and the children absolutely loved him.
The course was full of information not just about music but the other aspects of DJing.
The children worked together as teams, learnt about the equipment and blending music together.

Corine, Mum and Aunty to the children.

Ade, DJ Tutoring

I have always had a keen interest in djing as someone who has a huge passion for music. My current employer allocates their employees a ‘Personal Growth Fund’ annually which we are entitled to use to apply for courses or programs which will enhance our skill set or enable us to gain a new skill. As a fan of music, I decided this would be the perfect opportunity to have an experience of djing, to see if it would be something I enjoy.

I came across WRIGHTS Academy and embarked on a 6-week course with Junior. As a DJ with 10 years’ experience in the industry, I had no doubt that I would get the best out of the course with him. The sessions are 1 to 1, with a goal to create your own mix by your last session.Junior was patient and clear with his instruction which meant I was able to progress week by week, at the same time enjoying every minute. His instructions were detailed and I gained an excellent understanding of not only what I needed to do, but why and how the software and equipment worked and sounded as it did.

I have enjoyed the course so much, I have since purchased my own set of decks and I am already booked in for another 6-week course in which I only hope to develop my skills even further. Eventually I hope to start djing at private events and who knows what other opportunities this could open up.

I was lucky enough to have my personal growth fund to help me fund this course, but I would not hesitate to pay my own hard earned money for these sessions as they are worth every penny!


Early Intervention DJ Tutoring Programme

Junior delivered a 6 week workshop to 12 young people as part of our “Intro too” programme. This program was a Intro to Dj'ing aimed at 13-19 and focused on them learning a skill that could first become a hobby but had the potential to develop into more.


His rapport from the very 1st session with the young people was great. He was able to make the session both fun and engaging. Many of our young people had never DJ before and so were very nervous when beginning the workshop. He was able to introduce them to the various skills at a good pace and keep things interesting from week to week.


We would highly recommend his workshops and look forward to him working wiwht our youg people again in the future.


Marcus – Wandsworth Council Early Intervention Group coordinator. 

Casey, DJ Programme, Early Intervention

During the "How To DJ : Beginner" experience, I was offered help week in week out by Junior, teaching me, as well as the others,  independently how to create a mix. He would teach us as a group and then ask us individually to attempt to replicate what he had shown us. At first, it wasn't as easy as  it looked, but with guidance and practice I got to grips with it and was able to mix confidently without help.

It was a great experience, and helped with gaining confidence and skill, which I'm sure everyone would agree upon. Junior never looked down upon any of us and was willing to take however long it took to make sure that we understood and was able to complete this course. 

At the end I received a certificate of achievement and was happy with what I had achieved. 


I would recommend this course to anybody that has passion in music and/or DJ-ing , as it truly helps to push you in the right path of becoming the DJ or musician you as a person want to be.


Casey, 18 years

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