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Training Programme FAQs


What is the minimum age to be on the training programme?

18 years.


Will I gain a certification?

There is no formal, recognisable qualification gained. You will however get a certificate on competition and a whole new set of DJ skills.


What is the duration of the programme?

The programme is 14-16 hours long spread over 4 months.


How much does it cost?

The training does have a small fee, £200 plus the cost of the enhanced DBS. We will repay 50% of the training programme fee and 100% of the DBS fee after successfully completing two terms with us.


Where does the training take place? 

The training will take place in the Croydon and Lambeth boroughs.  The venue will change as you progress through the programme.


Is food provided?

No food is provided.


Is there parking?

There is free street parking by the studio.  Parking varies for off site training. 


What are the closest transport links?

East Croydon station is a 10 minute walk away from the studio. 


What happens if I decide not to finish the training?

You will not receive any money back and are not entitled to a refund.


What if I finish the training but don’t run a club?

You will not receive any money back and are not entitled to a refund.


I already know how to DJ but have no teaching experience. Can I join the programme?

A This training programme is aimed at people who don't know how to DJ but who have some experience of working with children. If you already know how to DJ and want to get involved in our work it's best if you get in touch and we can talk through the skills you have.


I have teaching experience but with adults, does that count?

It may do, it may be best if you speak with us beforehand.


How do I get an enhanced DBS?

We will start the application process for you. You will then receive an email telling you how to complete the process and make payment.  An enhanced DBS will cost you £65.  This is refunded after the second term is successfully completed.


I have criminal convictions, can I join the programme?

To work in schools you must clear an enhanced DBS.  Its best to get advice if you're unsure on your personal situation.


I can’t make all the training dates. What happens?

The training is split into three sections:

1) Group sessions -  are mandatory, we wont be able to repeat these.

2) Shadowing one of our tutors - this can be flexible to suit you.

3) Delivering a lesson to a sample group of children - There is some degree of flexibility between the dates arranged amongst the students in the group.


When do I get the cost of my training and DBS back?

The cost of the DBS and 50% of the training will be refunded after the second successful term has been completed. 


What is classed as a successful term?

These are things such as no missed classes, wearing the branded t-shirt each week and being punctual. This will be discussed in detail should you be short listed to get on the programme.


How many spaces are there on the training programme?

We are running this programme for only 8 people.

If you still have unanswered questions please get in touch with Gemma Wright, 07932 984925.

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