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Sports Competitions

Why join our competitions

Because we are fabulous darling obviously and our previous experience in running borough wide competitions means that we fully understand the level of communication and planning needed to keep organised.

We are a borough wide competition.

What you get

  • Entry into the competition of your choosing.

  • A feature in our newsletter should you wish.

  • Regular and up to date information on fixtures.

  • A named contact person.

Students get the opportunity to develop

  • Self-discipline, resilience and loyalty

  • Respect for those around them

  • Positive decision making

  • A healthy lifestyle and physical skills

  • A love and understanding of their chosen game through enjoyment and achievement.​

  • Space to explore different emotions connected with high energy and passion and learn how to control them.

Wrights Academy


  • All schools will be recognised for joining the league/competition.

  • First place are awarded with a school trophy and students with gold medal.

  • Second place will be awarded with a school trophy and students with silver medals.

  • For third place the school will be awarded with a framed certificate and students will receive bronze medals.

  • All schools will be highlighted across our social media platforms.

What competitions do we currently run?


At present we are accepting entries for football, tennis, ping pong and cricket. (WHAT STAFF DO WE NEED TO RUN THESE? REF? UMPIRE? INC VENUES)

How do you enter?

  • Easy, give us a call to express an interest.  We will follow the call by sending you a booking form. Return the form with your subscription and bobs your uncle, fannys your aunt!

  • Fixture information will be sent out when finalised.

How much does it cost?

The yearly fee you pay will include the following:

  • Entry to the competition.

  • Medals/trophies/certificates.

  • Pitch fees.

  • Staff.

The fee is £140 per team, per competition.

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