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DJ After School Club

Training Programme


Wrights Academy deliver DJ After School Clubs to children in primary schools across London. Following steady growth we are now ready to launch our first ever training programme designed to help you get on board and join the Wrights Academy Team as a DJ After School Club Tutor.

Training Programme

The DJ After School Training Programme is designed specifically for people who have experience of working with children in some capacity and who have basic or no DJ experience.

The programme is broken down into three sections to enable you to learn all the DJ skills you need to deliver the club as well as the knowledge of our Wrights Academy teaching style and hands on experience needed to get you ready for taking on your own club.

Programme Content

Part One - Learn how To DJ

We are incredibly good at what we do and that is train people how to DJ. You don't need to have any previous experience of DJing.

You will join us for group sessions where we will teach you absolutely everything about DJing that you'll need to deliver a DJ club.

Time involved: 3 x 4 hour sessions

Date: TBC (May or June)

Venue: TBC (Likely to be South London based)

Part Two - Learn Our Style

It is important for us that everyone in the Wrights Academy Team has a similar style of delivery. This ensures that children get a similar experience and that our brand and reputation remains strong.

You will shadow our tutors as they deliver a DJ After School Club gaining an insight to how it all works in practice.  

Time involved: 1 or 2 x 1 hour sessions

Date: TBC (June or July)

Venue: TBC (Lambeth borough based school)

Part Three - Gaining Live Experience

We won't just train you in the fundamentals and then throw you in the deep end. Our training programme includes real classroom teaching with real students thanks to our partners Legacy Youth Club.

You will deliver deliver a DJ lesson to a small group of children. You won't be alone, our Head Tutor will be with you to support where necessary.  

Time involved: 2 x 1 hour sessions

Date: TBC (August)

Venue: Legacy Youth Club, Thornton Heath

Follow Up & Further Support

Throughout the programme you will be given pointers and support to enable you to deliver the programme to the best of your ability.  

Once training has finished and you prepare to take on your own club you will join our network of DJ After School Club Tutors where we continue to support you and share up to date information.


We have put together an incredible training programme to give you the skills necessary to become a DJ After School Club Tutor with Wrights Academy.

Whilst we would love to offer the programme for free we have had to put a small price tag to ensure that everyone on the programme is committed.

The cost of this training programme is £200 plus the cost of the Enhanced DBS if you don't already hold one.

After completing two successful terms with us we will repay 50% of the training programme cost and 100% of the DBS cost.

Additional Information

DBS - As you will be working with children you will be required to clear an enhanced DBS check. We will begin this process as soon as you are accepted on to the programme.  The cost of this is currently £XX and will need to be met by yourself. 

Commitment - This training programme requires 14 - 16 hours of your time. Whilst parts two and three have some elements of flexibility, stage one requires you to be present for all training sessions.

We are looking for people who are:

  • Confident,

  • Friendly,

  • Have a passion for learning and teaching

  • Wants to inspire children,

  • Can work as a team

  • Who can commit to being part of the team.


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